MetMaxTM Hepatocytes and Enterocytes

MetMaxTM are permeabilized primary hepatocytes and enterocytes with maximized metabolism. The heightened enzymatic activities (Fig. 1) are achieved through IVAL’s proprietary technology. MetMaxTM are recommended for your in vitro studies including drug metabolism, metabolite profiling, metabolite identification, and drug-drug interactions.

Product Features:
  • Maximized enzyme activities with supplemented cofactors (Fig. 1)
  • Ready-to-go: no need to count the cells (2.0×106 cells/vial for enterocytes and 5.0×106 cells/vial for hepatocytes)
  • Metabolism qualified (Phase I and Phase II) as comparable to cryopreserved cells
  • Available from 10-donor pool or single donor
  • Suspension grade

Figure 1. Enhanced drug metabolism enzyme activities of MetMaxTM Pooled Human Enterocytes

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